What is plagiarism?

We are writing articles by gathering information from various sources like Internet, books and newspaper. But sometime the originality of article makes it an issue. If we’re claiming that the article is Firstly introduce by us now as copyright. It is a good idea that checks the content of our report, thesis, articles and assay which may not be published by other author. The thing known as plagiarism.

Plagiarism is the process of checking contain of report or article. This is again a good tool for us to check whether someone has copy our article not. I have listed few useful link or plagiarism check.

There are many types of plagiarism like coping content and changing sentence in such a way that actual author may not identify that his article gets stolen. Some people copy image diagram and other graphical representation that also fall in category of Plagiarism.

Actual author may claim on you if you do so. To avoid these situations we are adding the citation, references from where we get the content. But if you want to check originality of your content than they have few useful website given below.


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