What is Open DNS?

What is Open DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is an Internet servicethat translates domain names or host name into IP address. Our machine does not understand Host names or URL; they identify websites using IP address. When you enter a website name in URL bar of your browser the browser sends the request to a DNS server to resolve the website name and it returns an IP address. When IP address of website is received browser contacts the IP address and displays the Website.

For e.g.: www.drjslab.org  might be translated to 209.xxx.231.xxx. A DNS server is a dedicated machine or server or a service within a machine that provides name resolution in an IP network. It changes names of websites and other network resources to numeric IP addresses.

Public DNS server?

Most of the DNS servers are private i.e. they provide services to a company who owns and configures them. Example if you are using Airtel or BSNL broadband connection they provide their own private DNS servers. It means a BSNL user cannot use Airtel DNS servers. But there are some DNS servers available on the net that provide DNS resolution to anyone who requests it to them. These are called public DNS servers.

These servers are used by people for faster and safer browsing. You can use these servers as an alternative to your private DNS servers. Here I have listed some public DNS list.

1. Level3:

2. Google:


4. OpenNIC:

5. Public-Root:

6. Comodo DNS:

7. OpenDNS:

8. DNS Advantage:

9. Norton DNS:

10. SmartViper:


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