Turn your Mobile to Wireless Video Cam

Here I am introducing tool which turn your “android mobile device to wireless cam”. Using live streaming technology this tool Named “DroidCam” capture Audio/Video and Broadcast over Wife/USB*. Here Server application capture the stream and convert to the Audio-Video in Laptop Screen.

Look at the Simple steps.

Step 1: Download Desktop client from [1]. Install in PC.

Step 2: Download Android Application from [2]

Step 3: Connect your both Device to same network

Step 4: Start Android App and Connect with IP Address

Screen of Android Web Cam.png

Step 5: Start Desktop application. Provide Same IP address and Port Displayed in android Device.

Client look.png

Client look

Step 6 Click on Enjoy the streaming.


[1] www.dev47apps.com

[2] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dev47apps.droidcam&hl=en


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