Simple Way of Multiplication (Vedic Math-I)

Mathematics, is a foundation of all science. Sum and diff, multiplication and division are very basic step of mathematics.In ancient India, Indian people found various trick for fundamental calculation. That all tricks known as Vedic Math. Using these tricks we can calculate any complex calculation in mind less than 30 seconds.vadik mathematics require only one think that is Practices, Memory power and concentration.Here I’m going to show you one trick, which might not be part of Vedic mathematics but it will be easy to calculate multiplications of big digit.

I want Calculate 32 X 2,

Step 1] Create figure given in image 1.

[Image 1]

Step 2] Arrange Multiplicand and Multiplier as Image 2

[Image 2]


Step 3] multiply first digit of Multiplicand that is “2” with Multiplier “2”. You obtain answer 2×2 = 04. Put value as given in Image 3. 0 at Upper Triangle and 4 at Lower Triangle. As Image 3.

[Image 3]


Step 4] now take second Digit of Multiplicand that is “3” with Multiplier “2”. We obtain 3×2=06. Put value as image 3 in Upper Triangle 0 and lower Triangle 6.

[Image 4]

[Image 5]


Now its Most Important task. Make the sum of all triangles according to its diagonal line. You obtain answer 064.

🙂 That is our final, answer.

32 x2 = 64.

If you still don’t understand than refer other example even below.


[Image 6]


Here we’re going to multiply 32 x 23. And for the step 1 to 4 given above.

Note: in image 6 we’re making some of 9+4 = 13, where we keep 3 as it is and take 1 as the carry. This will be added in 6.

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