In this article we’re discussing how to make the configuration for public DNS to our laptop or computer. Click here if you don’t have any idea about public DNS.

I have done these setting in Windows 7 ultimate.

step 1
Open control panel and open “network and sharing center”, Find active connection.

Figure 1

Step 2
click to the active connection and click “property”.

Figure 2

Step 3
once property menu gets open go to “networking”. And find “Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”. Double click on that.

Figure 3

Step 4
now properties of IPv4 open. You will find that there are five IP box are given. And there are two section 1 for IP and second for DNS server. We are going to deal with second one.

Figure 4

As shown in figure select second check box under the title “use the following DNS server addresses”. In preferred DNS server type “” and ‘alternate DNS server” will be “”.

Click on okay, and restart your connection. Now you’re using Google open DNS server. Which will make your computer browsing experience beat faster than the ordinary speed.

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