Set up your own cloud (Your own drive like ‘Google Drive’) at your Server

Purpose of this article is not MARKETING on any Product!!! It just for Knowledge.

This Article Introduce one open source Product that might helpful to your life, for manage your content online as “Google Drive”, “4Share” serving to us. This application required just few Minutes to setup and run…!!! You can set it up locally also as well as on your server having good space and Bandwidths provided Services Provider.

Get Set and Go…

Step 1: Download “OWNCloud” from Given website. [1]

Step 2: Extract to WWW Directory or Upload to your server.

Step 3: Set Up the Database. As in my case I set it with “Owncloud”

Step 4: Run The URL to Setup Your “Own Cloud”.

Step 5:

At Welcome screen you will find request to Download Client for various Platforms. Now Download that and setup to your PC or Android Mobile. Make Configuration and start synchronization with your own cloud storage and local application like “Google Drive” or “4share”.

Feature of own-cloud.

Manage your Documents.

Manage your account /user and Install some Plug-in to own-cloud to Extend power or this apps. Where various useful applications you will find by clicking “APPS”.

Manage your Music Station online! Make synchronization with your device for Music, Contacts and Calendar.




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