Search Image by GOOGLE.COM

This article will improve your search experience with Google. You can find any information available over Internet by using Google search engine, but what if you have any image and you don’t have any idea about that than, how you obtain information about an image.

Here again Google comes to help you. We will just upload the image and Google will search for it. Isn’t it amazing? Other scenario if I describe that you are standing in front of historical older building and you want detailed information about that. Then you have follow some simple step. Capture the image in your mobile and uploaded to Google, it will show information regarding that.

Now, what is the step need to be taken to such image? That all steps are listed below.

[Image one]

Open your web browser, enter the URL, then click on “images” text given in top ribbon.

[Image two]

a home page for images we get open as shown in image 2, now click to the camera icon given between search text box and search button.

[Image three]

Once you do that, one pop up will come to you. In that click to the “upload an image”.

[Image four]

Upload image you want to search. In my case I’m going to upload images given below

[Dr. E. Brown image]

[Image five]

Here it shows the result of search image.

 Don’t you think, it’s an awesome application given by Google to us.

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