Multiplication trick (Vedic Math-II)

Here is another way of multiplication using Vedic mathematics. This is the actual method given in Vedic mathematics. In this tutorial, I’m interested to multiply 32 x 23. Step 1 Make the multiplications of first digit of multiplicand and multiplier. Same thing for second digit. Shown in figure 2.

Step 2 Here we are making sum of multiplication, 3×3 and 2×2. We review the answer 4 and 9. Make the sum of 9+4 = 13. Shown in image 3.

Step 3 Arrange the number given image 4. We received answer 13. The user number 3 and 1 will be added next number as carry.   Finally the answer will become 736. These trick only applicable where multiplicand and multiplier are having 2 digit. For various digit we have another trick by making some modifications in these trick. We will discuss about this later.

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