Make Invisible Ink

Have you ever think about to make your own Invisible Ink, or if you want to send you secrete Message using pen and Paper, or Want to submit you Secrete Message to the Old Bible in Library. Here is the way.

Our requirement are Lemon , Ink Pen and Light Lamp.


Step 1. Wash your Ink pen with water and remove its blue ink.

Step 2. Take the juice of lemon and Fill in the Ink Pen.

step 3. Take white paper and Write your message using this ink and take it to sun light for while.

You are… Done…


Look at the paper. This will never display any text you written on it.

Step 4. To read this message. Light the lamp and put your message paper on it. Take care of paper that not gets burn.

Now What you written in paper will Display as Image. Your Message recovered Back…


Same things you can do with Baking soda also.

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