Little customization of Raspbian for Raspberry-pi device.


Raspberry-Pi is a pocket based mini computer. We can run Debian based operating system named raspbian on it. In this article, We are going to discuss the way where we can make changes in raspbian images for first boot as well as every boot process, with easy way. You can say little customization.


Every Raspbian user know how to insert in SD card and Boot it. But in the case when we don’t have monitor, keyboard and mouse and I want to set wifi username and password, in such scenario PiBackery[1] come in to the picture. Secondly, we want to download a predefined script from the Internet and run it every time of boot and we don’t know how to customize Linux (Raspbian) code. Here is the way where we can make changes using the scratch method.

About PiBakery

PiBakery[1] was created by David Ferguson[2]. Its Scratch based tool to create boot time event, download PiBakey from [3] and Insert SD card to the system.

Making Changes

Step 1:

Start PiBakery and Insert Memory card to the system.

First tab (On First Boot)

Drag and Drop Component as given in image. Image 1 describes that at very first boot (“on first boot”) Raspbian will be connected to a network and set username and password. After that, it will install VNC Server as with given password. This task will be performed once our Raspbian boot very first Time.

Booting Setting of Raspbian with piBakery

Image 1: Setting Command at “On First Boot” and “On Every Boot” (Image-Courtesy: [2])

Second tab (On Every Boot)

This task will be performed every time when we boot it. As per image 1: We every time system will start VNC Server on given port 5901.

We can make changes as per our Requirement.

Step 2:

Ensure that SD Card available in SD Cards Slot and click in “write”. We made “Pre-configured Raspbian OS” will be ready. Insert into Raspberry-pi board and boot the image.

Step 3:  (Optional)

As per official site of PiBackery [1]. It’s Open Source and code is available at [4]. We can contribute our work to this code as well.


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