List of Game Making Tool

Here is list of Video Game Making Tool Collected by various reference.

No Technical Skill needed.

Construct: Great windows game dev tool that is free to use.
Game Maker: Very popular game development tool, tons of indie game devs use it.
Stencyl: Great tool for non- programmers, lets you create games with simple drag and drop tools.
Game Salad: Popular Mac only tool for making simple web and iOS games with no programming needed. Recently opened up a cool marketplace for assets.

Oh My Game!: Neat beta web based collaborative tool for building games. Still early but pretty good for an open beta!
Klik n Play: Classic game making tool for schools made for Windows 3.1. Still good after all these years and used for a monthly jam.

OHR RPG CE: Omega Hamster Republic Roal Playing Game Creation Engine. Originally created for DOS, this free system now works on anything free BASIC supports.

Based Upon Tech skill

Nuclear Basic/Fusion: A work in- progress game engine inspired by…
Blitz3D: A (now outdated) development system with a BASIC language.
Leadwerks: An OpenGL- based 3D engine.
BlitzMax: A cross-platform “BASIC” language with OOP support.
Unity3D: Free to use game development tool that focuses more on 3D game development. Can be used for 2D game development as well, multi platform as well.
Flixel: An awesome Flash game api that handles a lot of the grunt work for you, such as collision detection, particles, camera, etc.
Flash  Punk: Another very popular Flash game api inspired by Flixel.
List of Javascript game api’s: With the whole HTML5 movement javascript based gamedevelopment is starting to become very popular.
PyGame: Great api for buildinggames in Python
XNA: Lets you create games for xbox community arcade and windows phone.
Allegro: This was the first C++ game library I ever used, it’s been around for a while and is still being updated.
SDL: Probably by far one of the most popular C++ libraries used for making indie games.
SFML: Another great C++ library that does ton of grunt work for you just like SDL.
Cocos2D: 2D api for building ios applications.
UDK: Use the free version of the Unreal engine.
Love: Lua based game development tool.

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