Advance Java Technology Practical List (170703)

Advance Java Technology Practical Designed by J.Prajapati (170703) fall 2013.







Write an application of Calculator using Applet.


Write an application of Calculator using Swing and also add image on Button.


Write a Database application that allows user to Insert, Update, Delete values in a Table and manages appropriate exception Handling when wrong values are entered.


W.A.J.P that implements a simple client/server application.The client sends data to a server the server receives the data,uses it to produce a result and then sends the result back to the client.The client displays the result on the console. For ex the data send from the client is a numbers and the result produce by the server is the addition of that number.


Write RMI application where client supplies data to withdraw and server response with new account balance. Provide your custom security policy for this application.


Write an HTML page which inputs the below mentioned fields and invoke the java servlet program which enters the fields in the database table Fields: Roll_ no ,Name , Department , Email_ id.


Implement a servlet which counts the no. of Hits.


Write a Servlet that take First_ Name & Last_ Name from the user & generate login-id such that two characters are from First_Name & four characters are from Last_ Name. Display the generated login-id.


Write one HTML page that will ask user for login.When user submit this HTML ,run JSP on server which will make query in database to check whether username & password are correct or not .If user is valid create one session for this user & put one link in JSP1,that if click will execute JSP2 on server .In JSP2,print what is the content of sessionthat was established in JSP1


Develop an application using hibernate

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