Its All About: 0 and 1, Me and God.

As a computer engineer, if I describe my world with zero(0) and one(1).   I can say one is me. In Hinduism, I mean Atama (soul) and other energy which govern “I” is Parmatma (god).

It means I, that’s me and zero is a God. For a computer engineer this to numbers are most important in whole computer science which moves on one and zero.

It’s all about me and God. God seen like a zero, it’s not there. Not a proof of existence. But still we believe in. And one is me, Its I. It represents something in material. Having evidence of existence. When we come together in proper sequence, We create a marvellous data, program, music, video.

It’s all about zeros and one. It’s all about me and God, it’s all about Atama and Parmatma.


I don’t have proof of ‪#‎God, But I can Prove that I am ‪#‎Alive.


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