How to freeze your Computer?


How to freeze your computer?

What happen , when we go for programming or make some research oriented changes in your OS, that’s make permanent damage/change in system. Sometimes, if you running “Cybercafés” People use storage media for them interest, but it may affected by virus and “Antivirus” not working well.

At same time we can think of some application like System recover. That can recover our system as we left behind. Here I am introducing you “DEEP FREZE” which can recover our system from such changes with single re-boot.

Yes this is one of powerful utility that can recover any changes, So what !!! if you delete then “Program Files” as well.

Download that utility from its Official Website.

[Image 1]

And start installation…

Wait a minute before installing remembers these things.

  1. Decide that which drive you want to freeze. Basically I Like to make frees “c:/” drive.
  2. Making changes in “C:/” will not Permanent you will lose every changes after re-boot the system.
  3. If you want to make changes to “C:/” Drive, you must un-freeze the system.

Step 1] Download utility []

Step 2] start Installation (Do as direct)

Step 3] Select Drives to be Freeze.

[Image 2]

Restart you computer and find Icon at taskbar.

[Image 3]

Now Press “Shift + click to the ICON” It will ask for password. At very first time Press enter. You get manager like Image 4.

[Image 4]

Select “Password” Tab and Set your password.

[Image 5]

Now Back to Image 4

Step 4]

In This Manage you will find 3 Option.

  1. Boot Frozen

This indicates you that your system is frozen.

  1. Boot Thawed in Next => No of Restart

If you set this option, your system gets un-freeze after given No. of Restart.

  1. Boot Thawed

If you go for this, your system get fully unfreeze. Select 1st option for freeze.

Every Option required “RESTART” after selecting Option. At last click “Apply and Reboot”.

Happy Research Work…. Your System is safe.

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