How to download whole websites?


There are so many website available on Internet having lots of pages useful information, and we want all that information to be downloaded in a computer. It is not possible for us to copy content of each and every page.

At that time this utility, which I’m going to introduce might be help you. Name off that utility is HTTrack. This is site copier utility. This will download whole websites and link the on the page.

How to do that?

Figure 1

Download utility from, it’s again free of charge. You can download either sat up (.exe) or .zip file.

Figure 2

Download and make the setup. And start operation. Open application icon you find explorer as shown in figure 2. Click next

Figure 3

as shown in figure 3 provide some required information, that is

1. “new project name”, name of the project

2. Project category : which kind of website is this? That help us in future to identify when we have more than one downloaded website.

3. Base path: path of where your project going to be saved.

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