How to connect “Remote desktop” from android Mobile?

I was trying to understanding cloud computing. Certainly a spark done in my mind is it possible to connect a laptop using remote desktop from my mobile? And I figured out the way how we can do that.

To do this task I required to create hotspot at laptop. And require one WiFi enable mobile which can have a utility like “RD Client for android”.

My laptop having Windows 8. Which is normally not support to create hotspot from control panel. So first we create hotspot in Windows 8 and then in second phase will connect your mobile to the laptop.

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Phase 1

  1. Open, and prompt as administrator. And type command “netsh” then press enter.
  2. Then type “wlan”
  3. type again “set hostednetwork ssid=ssidName mode=allowe”

Command 3 will create hotspot in your computer with name “ssidName”, which basically password-protected with WAP/WAP 2 encryption. Again you will find a new network connection in “Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections”.

  1. Change the password of connection by giving this command “set hostednetwork key=kingFF#1234”

come on number 4 change the password of hotspot. In our case my passport is kingFF#1234.

  1. Now lost command to start the hosted network “Start hostednetwork” and to stop “Stop hostednetwork”
  2. as the last step of this procedure, verify that you have enable remote desktop setting.

Phase 2

A second part I will search for the network with an ssid name in my mobile. Connect the network by providing a password that is “kingFF1234”.

Open application like RD Client [ref], go to the setting and provide IP address of your laptop which can find by providing come online “ipconfig” under wlan settings.

Now provide username and password available at laptop.

You done. Now you can operate your laptop using your mobile. Even you can play song, video or any other operation in which we can do with remote desktop.


[1] as on Des 14.


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