DNA as hard disk

Today I come across the article in safari [1] about SETI,

That ET (Extraterrestrial Intelligent) Left them Message in our DNA

The Hypothesis:

According to Pole Devish, only 3% is DNA useful to Human body (Which useful for Human mutation) and other 97% is just Rubbish, and we can live with ought them and luckily that 97% DNA is not make any changes according to time it remain same as it was at the stage where we ware Monkey (Time when we don’t  have mind to read or communicate with ET so they left message for us). Mutation is not done in this 97% DNA. It just copied itself and lives for long time. It’s best Message storage capacity to store information in Universe that might remain available till god decide to erase that :). Because it make new print over time and never get older or get scratched… Its DNA replicated by itself. Scientist made research on RAT; They Remove that 97% DNA still rat was leaving them life as normal life.


So my concept it not related to ET but we can use the information of Whole world or any other, we can store in human DNA, Human itself  become Information and any way “Protein Memory “(This Concept exist in Computer science). We can make one program to store information in DNA, Other Medical Science will handle.

Show me your review on it further discussion done at drjslab.org

====Discussion with my friend Bhavin =====

1. I come to know that, that is only three percentage DNA used for
making human body and other 97 percentage are junks. That all are
unuseful even mutation is not done in this area. Is it possible?

3 % DNA are coded genes and 97 % are junk that is true. Unuseful - we cannot say and of course, mutation happens in this area as well.

2. Those DNA replicating in human body from when human was monkey,
without being mutating is it possible? Because as the rules of
evolution, " use it or loose it". Is not followed by the situation.

Mutations happen randomly at all the places. But there are genes coding for some specific proteins which cannot bear a slightest change, so organisms with such mutations will eventually die out and others will live. So there are areas in our DNA which are completely unaltered compared to apes (they are apes and not monkeys). As a matter of fact almost 98 % DNA will match.

3. If we remove those unuseful DNA, is there any affection done on the
human body?

Practically impossible, I had the similar question and this is really very energy efficient way but I don't think so. We will not survive if the uncoded region is discarded.

4. Can we store Wikipedia (and information of computer science or any
other information) in human DNA? Â For a long time, till the universe

F**k you... This is a once in a generation holly shit idea.. We need to talk on this baby... 🙂



[1] Safari (Gujarati) sept-12, page: 35-38


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