Customize operating system online

It is head ache work for administrator, if he developing lab by installing various flavor of OS or Customizing Linux in lab. or if any gusty guy wants to distribute its own operating system or Distro. It may be some one wants to build  self-customization as per requirement or any one need specific package installed in live CD.

In such cases we can quickly develop the OS using suse studio [1].

Suse-Studio : is online web application to customize suse flavored OS.

Here we can Add own logoJ, customize package, Pre and/or Post Script running configuration and much more.

Let get Stated with login, Create login with gmail or openID at [1].

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Figure 1: Login

Figure 2: Provide OS Name


Figure 3: Search and Add Package [Manual and Automatic]

Figure 4: Add Username-Password and Network Configuration

Figure 5: in “Personalize” add logo, Background and auto login

Figure 6: EULA and Screen Environment


Figure 7: Server (DB) Configuration

Figure 8: Auto login for Default User

Figure 9: Cloud Format and Storage Type

Figure 10: Pre and Post running script


Figure 11: Upload Manual File, like (PDF,Mp3…)

Figure 12: Type of OS you want to build, Version and build the OS



[1] assessed on May 4, 2015

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