Computer Programming and Utilization (2110003/110003)

Practical list for C.P.U offered by G.T.U fall 2014.

Sr. No

Practical Title

1 1) Write a program to display your name, roll no. And Address
2) Write a program to Add, Subtract, Multiply, Division of two
Integer Numbers.
3) Write a program to Find Area of Circle and Rectangle.
2 1) Write a C program to swap two numbers without using third variable.
2) Write a C program to determine a given no. is odd or even and print the following message:
“Number is even” or “Number is odd”.
3) Write a C program to check the given no. is divisible by 5 and 7 and give message.
4) Write a C program to find addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and module of given 2 numbers, using switch-statement.
3 1) Write a program which finds the summation of all integers between 1 to 10.
a) While…loop b) Do….while c) For…loop
2) write a program using do …while loop construct this find Fibonacci series for first n number, For example Fibonacci series for first 9 numbers is as follows.
3)Write a c program using for loop construct which prints all prime number between 1 to 30
4 1) write a program which accepts 7 integer numbers from the keyboard and displays them on the screen.
2) write a program which sorts 10 numbers into ascending order.
3) write a program to addition two 3*3 matrices.
5 1) Write a program which counts the number of vowels encountered in string.
2) Write a program which will read a string & rewrite in the reverse order
with function.
3) Write a program which will find whether the string is palindrome or not.
6 1)
write a program exchange to interchange the values of two variables ,say x and y. illustrate the use of this function ,in a calling function( hint: use x and y as global variables).
2) Write a function that will calculate the factorial of given number
7 1) Define a structure person that contains fields like (Name,Gender,Age..)Read information for one person and print the information.
8 1) To find out the address of elements char=’A’ and int i=10 and float f=4.5 using pointer.
2) Exchange the values of x and y using pointer and function
9 1) Write a program for Read & Write a contains of a File.

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