Update WordPress using Netbeans

Word press: It’s Open source tool for content management system. You can make your own website, blog site or social networking site using various plug-ins are available. Many times, we need to change some core functionality according to requirement. To edit existing source code of WordPress we have many choices for editor. Here I’m going

About blue J

I was reading the magazines of Java system, and I find some information about the blue J in that. I googled about it and find a official site[1]. The Blue J environment was developed as part of university research project. This tool is generating code according to your UML design in JAVA. There are so

Creating CAPTCHA in c#.net

This article introduces how to create CAPTCHA in c#.net. Fully CAPTCHA known as “Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart”. CAPTCHA is generate test/challenges that only human can solve but that not solve by programs. Nowadays, the hackers are creating some programs known as robot or bots. That basically used for

DNA as hard disk

Today I come across the article in safari [1] about SETI, That ET (Extraterrestrial Intelligent) Left them Message in our DNA The Hypothesis: According to Pole Devish, only 3% is DNA useful to Human body (Which useful for Human mutation) and other 97% is just Rubbish, and we can live with ought them and luckily

Search Image by GOOGLE.COM

This article will improve your search experience with Google. You can find any information available over Internet by using Google search engine, but what if you have any image and you don’t have any idea about that than, how you obtain information about an image. Here again Google comes to help you. We will just