About blue J

I was reading the magazines of Java system, and I find some information about the blue J in that. I googled about it and find a official site[1]. The Blue J environment was developed as part of university research project. This tool is generating code according to your UML design in JAVA. There are so many UML designers are available in market but I like its cuteness. All the stance of object oriented modeling we can design in front and at the backend Java code will be ready.

We can edit it graphically as well textual. We can compile program and get output. It’s totally becoming dependent and free to download. If you love to coding Java. It will be good stuff for you.

BlueJ supports:
  fully integrated environment
  graphical class structure display
  graphical and textual editing
  built-in editor, compiler, virtual machine, debugger, etc.
  easy-to-use interface, ideal for beginners
  interactive object creation
  interactive object calls
  interactive testing
  incremental application development


  1. http://www.bluej.org

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