Web Application and Development (160705)

Web Application and Development (160705), Subject offered by GTU fall  2014, teaching scheme. Here I have attached  Practical list and Lab Manual designed by J.Prajapati

Sr. No.

Name of Practical

1 (Create User registration form and Login Page using simple HTML) Basic HTML Application using TAG like hyperlink, lists, tables, images, simple HTML forms, web site structure
2 (Create Manu and Formatting Using CSS) Formatting content using CSS style-sheet,  background images, colors and properties, Also apply some mouse over event.
3 (How to use JAVASCRIPT?) Make JavaScript using functions, conditions, loops and repetition
4 Make JAVASCRIPT for Validation of DATA. Like Username,Password,Email Address
5 Make XML file for Book Store and use it with webpage.
6 Set WAMP Server for PHP Hosting, How to use phpmyadmin, WWW Directory and Basic PHP Command.
7 Explain Webservices, How it Works? and consuming Web services available for Calculator
8 Make web page to Validate data and send data one page to other page. Usign GET and POST Method. Also make Program to UPLOAD file.
9 Make Application to registration, store data in database also, write code for  update,delete and search data.
10 Write Application using CSS,JAVASCRIPT and PHP usign MySQL

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