Sharingan is “Super Natural power” Ability describes in Japanese Cartoon and Manga named Naruto, But here Sharingan is application that identifies the insertion and removal event of any pen drive or CD Drive. As soon it detect that will start copy all the content without any notification, by creating folder “sharingan” folder in “c” drive.

How to use?

Step 1. Download application.

Step 2. Install Application.

Step3. Start Application. As soon it detect pen-drive will start copy content in “C:/sharingan” folder.

Step4. To stop application click on “Icon”.

Where to use?

  1. This Application use to fast copy/Back up of your pen-drive.
  2. Trick with your friends for copy pen-drive without permission. (At your own Risk).
  3. Use as lib for other professional project.


  1. This utility build for fun only, its not include any commercial license. Using this application for hacking or any destructive purpose we are not responsible for same.
  2. This application not have multi-threading (Version 0.0.1), so It may possible that your application get hanged or abort abnormally.
  3. Removing pen drive without closing this utility my corrupt Hardware. (We are not responsible for the same).
  4. Folder with same name in “sharigan” folder overwritten without warning.
  5. This Application currently in 0.0.1 version under .NET Framework only. We are openly developing this application for best backup utility for computer user.